Suzi Barrett, the actress/comedian who is the Mom on the Milo's treats commercials is in the process of breaking her contract!  I love that she is putting the welfare of furkids first!

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It is a good thing when someone takes a stand for their values over their pocketbook.

What is the situation?  I haven't heard anything about this?

Mark - Milo's chicken treats as well as others are manufactured in China. There is something in the chicken or the production, FDA is not sure what, is killing our furkids. 

You have to look at any food or treats you give your doodle and see where it is manufactured, not just distributed. If it is manufactured in China throw it out. 

This is a link to the Food Group on  - there are members that spend lots of time researching foods.

This is a link to a FB group that you might want to 'like'.

Thanks Adrianne.

Ever since that dog food came in from China a few years back that was laced with melamine we make our own dog food.  I won't buy those chicken/duck treats from at all, and nothing from China.  My wife and I lived in Taiwan for five years and I understand what goes on over in that part of the world.  It's frightening even to eat the human food.  I remember we had a "healthy" yogurt drink marketed in Taiwan that turned out to be made of pig intestines.  The profit motive over there is very strong and there is little legal recourse.  I would personally stay away from anythying coming out of China. 


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