If you live in Florida, please just list your name and the state(s) and/or the distance in miles or hours you can drive.

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l live just out tallahassee. i can assist in transports in the central and western part of florida from pensacola to lake city and south to to central florida. if need be i can extend my area. i can also cover georgia from the middle of the state south and the western portion from thomasville west. i can also assist in rescue and perhaps fostering. i am comfortable with large dogs having raised 2 old english sheepdogs and an irish wolf hound. keep up your good work. do you all ever hold fundraisers?
barb armstrong ttexanb@aol.com
BIUS I signed up to participate last september and have never been asked to help in rescue or transport. How are things going?
I live in Fort Myers. I can assist in transports from central FL all the way to the south, east and west. In an emergency situation I would go further north as I do not work and have the time to do so.
Hi, I live in Niceville FL. Since I am in NorthWest Florida (The Panhandle) I am willing to go as far as New Orleans , Southern Alabama, North Florida. Let let me know if anything comes up..Thanks. 

I live in Tallahassee, Florida and can drive 8-12 hours in any direction on the weekends.


I live in Tallahassee, just off of I10.  I can go in any direction and am most available on weekends.  I can also take time off during the week except during legislative session.


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