If you live in Michigan please just list your name and the state(s) and/or the distance in miles or hours you can drive.

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Jackie Busch
Michigan, Wisconsin, and some of Minnesota
Suzann Stover
Michigan, Northern Ohio
Michigan and Northern/Central Ohio. I'm there for our doods!
I can do transport around lower Michigan and northern Indiana.  My doodle Titan is not doing well and can't have another dog in the house right now.  I pray he will recover but if not I will be able to foster in the house.
Mid Michigan area...

Heather Berg

Lower to mid-Michigan, Northern Indiana and surrounding areas

Hi! I live south of Detroit and can transport about 4 hrs in any direction. I am pretty flexible and happy to help if I can. Thanks, Anne Piserchia
Ok,I was clearly not paying attention to what I was writing.....I live NORTH of Detroit, not south....yikes!

Cath Kennedy

I live in the pretty close to the middle of the mitten and can transport north to the bridge and into the U.P.  I can also go south to the Lansing area and south west to the Grand Rapids area.

Linda Gartner south Michigan will drive to west side of state asnd into Ohio.  may go as far as Ky.


Patti Robinson

Lower Michigan, and into Ohio


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