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Happy Adoptiversary Charli
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Alexander Hinz replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Colorado in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"In Denver, am willing to drive to parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and New Mexico, possibly Utah at times if needed!"
Sep 8
Nancy, Ned and Clancy replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion California in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Helene, you can post how far you might be able to drive if needed, in distance or time.  Thanks, Nancy"
Aug 20
Helene DalCin replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion California in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Hello, my name is Helene DalCin and I live in Burbank, CA. I have never done transport in the past, but I'm willing to learn. It's been suggested that getting involved in transport will help me to overcome the devastating loss of my…"
Aug 20
Wendy Ziesemann replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Massachusettes in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I live in Hudson, MA (Central Mass) I can drive anywhere in Massachusetts (and into surrounding states) up to 4 hours. Wendy"
Aug 17
Britt replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Pennsylvania in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I live in Bethlehem, PA. I'm willing to drive 3 hours in any direction. Let me know if I can help!"
Aug 10
Karen & Jackdoodle replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Florida in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
" Posted by Dana Farmer on August 7, 2014 at 9:34pm in DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT Back to DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT Discussions I live in Tallahassee and can go in any direction. Am about a mile off of I-10. "
Aug 8
Kate Saunders replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Massachusettes in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Aha!  I did not know we had this split up geographically.  I am in Lowell, 30 miles NW of Boston and close to the NH border.  I am willing to do long 1 day drives especially on the weekend.  I consider my comfortable range to be…"
Aug 7
BLong replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Nevada in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Hi, We are Matt & Brenda. We live in Las Vegas NV. We can help transport 2-3 hours, foster or help out in any way possible!"
Aug 7
Erin Dwyer replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Missouri in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I am Erin and I live in St. Louis, MO. I can drive 2-3 hours during the day twice a week (on my off days) or 4-5 hours on weekends or more as needed. "
Jul 25
Denise U replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Wisconsin in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I am in Southeastern Wisconsin and would be willing to help transport if I can. We could drive into IL or to other areas of WI if needed. "
Jul 19
Anita Belling replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Massachusettes in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I live in Central Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from the Mass Pike.  Willing, able and have time on my hands to help!"
Jul 8
Jacqueline Sumpster replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion California in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
" I cannot help with the actual transport as I am too far north, but there is a Facebook page called California Transport, which has volunteered based transports. Also Kindred Heart Transport (KHTC) is a fantastic group of volunteers who…"
Apr 19
michele, puddy & milo! replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion California in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"LOOKING FOR TRANSPORT ON SUNDAY 4/12/14 - 2 doodles, 1 45 lbs, 1 25 lbs SAN JOSE area to LOS ANGELES. Would be great to have two people, one from each area to meet half way. Please!"
Apr 12
Lynda Kamrath replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion California in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Lynda Kamrath, Monterey County, can drive in northern California to rescue a doodle who needs fostering or is available for adoption.  Prefer Monterey or San Benito counties."
Mar 3
Karin Campbell replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Texas in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"I live in Colleyville, can drive on days off, in r around DFW"
Feb 21
Patti Robinson replied to Adrianne Matzkin's discussion Michigan in the group DOODLE TRAIN TRANSPORT
"Patti Robinson Lower Michigan, and into Ohio"
Feb 20

Profile Information

Where are you located?
Short Hills, NJ
Tell us about yourself and how we might help you:
Tell us about your dog(s) and/or other pets that you have:
Samantha is a Chocolate, F1 Labradoodle. She is a fantastic, big hearted, ball obsessed Doodle. She is built like a Lab with longer hair and does not shed.

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata

Charli is a black doodle - she may be an F1b but since she came from an Amish Puppymill I have no idea of her lineage. She is a snuggler and a kisser!

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata
Have you read our adoption policies?
Samantha is from a pet store - BYB in SD
Charli is from an Amish Puppy Mill surrendered to a rescue in Toledo, Ohio
Are you now involved in Rescue? If so, how?
I am the Director of Volunteers in the fabulous group!

Our Stories



Happy 2nd Birthday Charli!!

Charli's Home Coming
We were asked to foster Mickey by the DRC. Such a sad, sick boy but over the 6 weeks we had the priveledge we realized we loved having 2 doodles. I searched PetFinder and fell in LOVE with this face - who could resist??

Her story is that she came from an Amish Puppy Mill, born with an umbilicl cord hernia so she was 'damaged goods' so a pet store wouldn't want her. TG this PM owner decided not to kill her but surrender her to a rescue! That is not the norm for PMers - can't make a buck so they aren't worth living.
I just started working with the DRC and had no clue about how things work on the rescue side. It took 5 days for them to let me know my application was approved! I got my email at 10am. Oh, did I mention Lucy Lei as she was known then, was in a Toledo, Ohio rescue and I live in NJ? At 230pm I was on a flight from Newark, NJ with crate in hand to Detriot. I then had to drive to Toledo and by 530pm she was mine!! We spent the night getting to know each other in a motel at the Detroit airport and flew back to NJ the next morning.
Charli was maybe 5" tall when I picked her up - they told me she was 10 weeks old, already spayed and had her umbilical hernia fixed. Her birthday is supposedly May 15 which would make her a year old this weekend. I believe she was closer to 6 weeks when I got her -she is now just shy of 27" tall!!
Life with Samantha and Charli is just a wonderful one!
July 2009 - so tiny

February 2010 - so huge

Will Never Forget You, Dublin

With a heavy heart I am writing to inform you all that our sweet Dublin who was being fostered by Adrianne Matzkin's daughter Marissa Tait in Pittsburgh was killed this evening.

Marissa's husband Seamus had Dublin and their doodle Mickey out for their evening walk when both Seamus and Dublin were struck by a speeding hit and run driver 1 block away from their home. The driver was apparently going so fast that he skid and hit the curb propelling the car onto the snow covered sidewalk striking Dublin killing him almost instantly and then striking Seamus so hard that it knocked him out of his boots. The cars front tire actually ran over Seamus' foot and leg injuring both. Luckily The Tait's dog Mickey was behind Seamus at the time of impact and was not injured. Terrified, Mickey ran all the way back to the house.

The driver did not stop........

Thank goodness the snow was deep enough to cushion the force of the cars tires as they ran over Seamus' leg or his injuries would have been far worse. The snow was not deep enough to spare poor Dublin. He was closest to the oncoming car and was struck first.

He tried to get up for an instant and then collapsed. By the time Seamus got to him he was gone. Crying, in shock and dragging his own injured leg, Seamus picked up Dublin and carried the 70 Lb. dog back to the house to a hysterical Marissa who was on the phone with me shortly after and inconsolable. I only wish that I could have been there with them as they were experiencing this terrible tragedy. I felt completely helpless and could only offer a calming voice on the other end of the phone as comfort.

Another driver who witnessed the event had already called the police and then proceeded to try and chase the hit and run driver. The driver has not been found.The police arrived minutes later along with an ambulance.

Seamus so pumped up on adrenalin refused treatment and opted instead to help the police try to find the driver. Marissa and her father-in-law wrapped Dublin in a blanket as Mickey who had been trying to rouse him, sat by sullenly watching. Though they knew that he was gone, together they took Dublin to the emergency vet. The vet confirmed that Dublin had been killed by blunt force trauma to the head and that thankfully he had not suffered.

I am personally so devastated by the loss of this poor dog who never seemed to be able to catch a break in life that I am finding it difficult to type this post.......I cannot imagine what this young couple who with Dublin in their charge were first time foster parents are going through emotionally in the aftermath of this evenings events. They drove 5 plus hours in total to rescue him from a neglectful and abusive home in Ohio. They bravely brought him into their home flea bitten, stinky, sick and scared and immediately showered him with all the things that he had never before experienced in his 5 years of life--care, human kindness and unconditional love. I do know that they are utterly grief stricken, completely devastated and feel personally responsible for Dublin's death.

I am asking you all to please reach out to Marissa and her husband Seamus and let them know that we are grateful to them for taking such good care of Dublin and for giving him a second chance for a happy life. Now more than ever they need the support of our rescue family and our DK family and most importantly they need to know that this tragedy was not their fault.

No matter where we are all located throughout the country, we all came to know and love Dublin. We are all grateful for this sweet, gentle soul and that he finally had a chance to experience the unconditional love, attention and affection that he had so cruelly been deprived of for most of his life. Even if it were only for a short while, his last days were joyful carefree and filled with love. He was a happy dog in spite of his past and all of the medical tests and vet visits he was subjected to as we tried to save his sight. Thank you for following his story and for all of your help and support.

.......and thank you for any words and expressions of sympathy appreciation and kindness you can offer this young couple through this terrible time.

With great appreciation,


Mickey is our first foster. He is an F1b Chocolate Doodle, born February 9, 2009 (Samantha's birthday is February 9, 2008) He is so adorable, skinny (I feel every rib and vertebrae on his body), scared - all of which I can change. He has no clue that grass is good, what to do with a toy or a ball. So sad. Again, all of which I can change.

What I cannot change is what he has endured in his first 4 months of his life. Anyone that has some time, love in their hearts, and some room - PLEASE consider fostering and help save the life of a Doodle.
If you can't have another dog in your home, find other ways to help - raise funds, get donations, volunteer at a shelter.

July 8, 2009 at 11:36pm

He has had an amazing transformation from a scared little puppy to one with much more confidence. He still has a way to go but the daily strides he has been making is such fun to watch. He has ventured out into our yard after just 2 days. Yesterday he actually started playing with Samantha like a Doodle!

He was 5 lbs underweight on Friday (he truly is just skin, bones and curly, Chocolate hair) and as of Tuesday (4 days) he gained 1/2 lb! It is amazing what just some food can do for a dog. He is being spoiled with love - if you can spoil them that way. This weekend we start home schooling Puppy Kindergarten classes. That will be interesting. Samantha has taught him so much and she is just incredible with him. The patience she has is just amazing. I am so proud of her.

He also came home with a pretty bad case of kennel cough but it seems to be getting better.

He will be adopted by our Daugther and SIL in Pittsburgh sometime next month. That will make it a little easier to let him go.

Days 2 & 3
Mickey is getting more and more 'brave'. He ventures out onto the lawn to play with me. It is a blast to see the long legs running. He also plays in my garden bed - he even as made 1 special spot in the bed his pooping spot but I really don't care. He goes there himself to poop - what more could I ask for? Peeing on the other hand, not so much. As soon as he comes near one of us he pees. If you pet hin he pees. He pees going into the crate, which I can understand, but coming out of it? I am going to have to power wash my deck tomorrow. I am washing my kitchen floor 2 times a day because as he walks out of my den where his crate is, he pees. So I tried carrying him, he pees on me so the floor is much better for me. Wonder if that is a boy thing? None of my puppies ever did that.

Mickey is playing with Moo!! and Samantha so far hasn't minded. Dana & 'Mac' bought them a rope and ball toy. I gave them to Samantha and gave him a puppy size rope toy that Samantha hasn't touched in a year. Needless to say, the puppy rope toy was much better than Samantha remembered! LOL. As I am writing, he woke from a nap and walked over to Samantha's huge rawhide bone and is kibbling it. She is chewing on a HUGE ham bone so she really doesn't mind but she did give him her look. We tried to a little running in the grass but it makes him choke, cough and weeze so that has been put on hold for awhile.

He went to the vet yesterday. He weighs 21 lbs (should be at least 25) and is 17" tall. His paws are at least 3" from front to back! He is going to be 1 tall boy. He is running a fever, the antibiotics he came home on were the wrong kind for kennel cough so we are on a different one, cough medicine and something for the fever. It is so painful to hear him cough. Then he chokes on the mucus he is trying to cough up. The vet says his lungs are crackling - poor puppy. His ears are cleaned which took the vet some time even though I got my part clean I just wouldn't go too far in. I was having a very hard time getting to eat his meds in his food. I tried the old cheese routine which worked wonders, TG!! He fights me on the cough 'syrup' - we fight - I win but it is a struggle trying to hold a squirming puppy.

He is not happy about going into the crate. He has developed his vocalness (if that is a word). But he sounds so darned cute. He is a chow hound as long as he has chicken broth with the kibble. I stopped with the Purina Puppy Chow after 1 meal - a little bit sat in the bowl for an hour and when I went to dumb it each piece of kibble had tripled in size. I just couldn't give them that to eat again. He is on Fromm's Puppy. When I made them chicken yesterday, I kept the broth to entice him. It worked!! He loves his kibble with chicken soup - what a good Jewish Boy!!

He is trying to play with Samantha. Samantha still isn't sure why he isn't playing chase but I think in a few days they will be. We took a walk around the block this morning, the 3 of us. I give anyone who walks more than one big credit. I stopped counting how many times I had to stop and step out of the tangled web they weaved around me. If I didn't feel like a fool I would have laughed. This is going to take some getting used to.

Needless to say, I have tons of pictures that I have upload but will post them later.

Thanks for listening!

July 9th - Thursday
Today is Mickey's 5 month and Samantha's 17 month birthday! - TRUE!!
It has been a very busy week. I took Mickey back to the vet Tuesday since I was very unhappy with the exam he had Friday by another vet in his practice. He has gained 1/2 lb in 5 days. We are thrilled. He is still coughing from the kennel cough but is it getting better. No, Samantha has not gotten it so the Bordatella vaccine must be working for her so far.

Mickey is getting more confident by the day. He runs after Samantha while we are playing ball and so far she allows him to get away with jumping on her but I know it is only a matter of time before she puts him in his place.
They BOTH go to work with me which is great for them. Not so easy for me - it takes me, what seems forever, to get him out of the car and walk to the office from the car. He is walking on a leash thanks to Samantha. I have them on a coupler which I actually bought because I couldn't find a seat harness tether. Samantha has the patience of a saint. He walks into her, around her and gets her tangled up in the leash, and under her. But she just stops and calmly waits for me to get it under control. What a girl!

His coughing is getting better. The vet says he could cough for a couple of weeks. The kennel cough infection is very deep in his lungs. So sad.

He is still doing the submissive peeing even when he comes to me for a rub. I have started stopping the rubbing him when he does and the peeing stops. I hope that eventually gets the equation - you pee, I stop. You stop, I rub.
He does finally squat to pee and then he gets a major YAHOO. He thinks he has done the most wonderful thing.

I have been leaving the TV on when I put him in the crate at night with the children's 24 hour music station. He has not barked for the past 2 nights. I don't know if it is the music or the light of the TV that seems to calm him but I have no intention of changing it.

He is eating like a little piggy and his bark no longer sounds like a piglet squealing. His bark is so cute.
How lucky we are to have him and watch him grow. Everyday he just amazes us.

Mickey Update - July 13, 2009
He is such a joy!! Growing both physically and emotionally. He initiates real puppy play with Samantha. He no longer uses the step and mirror as his 'home base'! The submissive peeing is just an occaisional thing. He eats like a little pig and just LOVES to sneak and eat Samantha's big girl kibble. Getting him to take medicine had me crazy until tonight - he loves cooked ground beef - hopefully that will last.
Samantha has become his big sister, teacher and lifeline. Because of her he has come this far so soon.
Thanks for checking in on Mickey's progress.

Mickey - Two Weeks and One Day
Posted by Adrianne Matzkin on July 17, 2009 at 8:30pm

Mickey has grown both phyically and mentally so much!

He has gained 2 lbs and is much more a confident little guy. I think he has grown about an inch though it really doesn't seem possible but that is what the tape measure says so who am I to question it. His paws are 3" long!!

He plays like a puppy with vigor. His newest game is to run after Samantha, grab her ears and when he falls off he goes after her tail, grabs on to the base and slips off until he can grab the end of her tail and holds on! Samantha usually just ignors it but when she has had enough, she turns and looks at him with the look 'oh, are you in trouble now' and he immediately backs off. Until she turns to walk away and then he is back at it. It is so wonderful to watch - Samantha for having such patience with him and Mickey to see that he no longer sits at 'home base' in front of the mirror like he did the first 2 days he was home with us.

He has a never ending appetite and would gobble up a bowl of kibble in a short time so I give him a little at a time so he gets to understand that food will always be there for him. He lays quietly while I groom him with a rake. I think he just enjoys the 1on1 attention he gets. We are working with clicker training - he knows his 'sit', he is walking nicely on a leash (as nice as a 5 month old can who never walked on a leash until 2 weeks ago). Walking the 2 of them on a coupler takes some doing since Mickey walks under Samantha or tangles her up in the leash to walk next to me.

Mickey has not had 1 accident in the house since he came home. He is no onger 'submissive peeing' since I figured out how to stop it - if he starts to pee while petting him, I stop and he stops so I know that he really has a full bladder.

He loves the squirrels that come in the Hide A Squirrel. He follows Samantha playing ball and jumps on it when I roll one towards him. I hope he loves to play ball like Samantha but doesn't become obsessed like she it.

Mickey hates to be in the crate at night. I leave on the TV, out a cover over the top, give him and leave some cookies in there for him but he still barks for 15+ minutes everynight. I do not give in to him and you would think by now he would realize that but.....

He is such a joy and he will be a fantastic addition to Marissa and Seamus' family. We will take him to his forever home the first week of August.

here is a link to a video I took this morning - memory card now full so it isn't that long but you can see just how much he has changed in 2 weeks. He is so full of himself!! it is just a thrill to see
Comment by Adrianne Matzkin on July 18, 2009 at 7:57pm

August 3, 3009-
Charli has been with us 8 days.
-Mickey is at his forever home with me, Samantha & Charli. We got here (Pittsburgh) yesterday afternoon. He seems to be very comfortable. He bonded very well with Marissa and Seamus, anyone that Samantha loves seems to rub off on him - TG!. He slept with them behind closed doors. The first night with Samantha and the 2nd night without her.
Saturday Samantha, Charli & I went to Westchester, NY to pick up my Mom and 2 nephews to bring back to my house for the day. During that time, Debbie Kaikaka, DK member, worked with the 3 of them. She is a friend and professional trainer. Three hours later we came back and witness Mickey walking so beautifully with Marissa. a very lovely sight to witness.
He seems to be doing fine. Today I am going to take Samantha & Charli out for a ride and leave him home with Marissa & Seamus. A little at a time. He must get used to being without Samantha and Samantha without him! That will be the hard part of this separation for me - the 2 of them have been attached at the hip for weeks now.
-Samantha has been an angel with both of these pups. I guess I forgot that she, too, is a puppy.

Little Charli has a huge personality.No fears at all Up and down steps without being shown!
Tried to eat out of Samantha's bowl while she is eating,
trying to take a toy out of Smantha's mouth,
jumped on Samantha while she was napping
NO MORE!! A few 'air snaps' and growls from Samantha finally got the point across!! She is a she-devil - into EVERYTHING!! She is so incredibly different from Samantha & Mickey it takes some getting used to.
Charli is very vocal. Only weighing 8.2 lbs (as of last Monday) she talks while playing tug-of-war with the older 2. She gives both Samantha & Mickey are run for their money. She really keeps up with them. She is very funny. I hope that with her smarts at play she is that smart & willing to learn during training.

I fed them this morning- Samantha first, Charli actually waited. Then Mickey, again she waited. Then Charli who dove in head first into her bowl like she has never seen food before. Maybe Charli is finally getting the hint that she is low woman on the totem pole. That would be much more peaceful if she really gets it. Prince Mickey, likes to lay down, with those lloonngg legs in front of him and eat. Too cute

Matzkin Update
Posted by Adrianne Matzkin on August 6, 2009 at 7:29pm

Mickey is settling into his new home. We, Samatha, Charli and I, spent 3 days with him at Marissa & Seamus' home in Pittsburgh. He slept with them and Samantha in their bed nights #2 and 3. He is eating out of their hands, literally, which is a major step for him. M&S start a puppy kindergarten class this Sunday so hopefully there will be local puppies for him to play with. He loves to play with Samantha and Charli.
Debbie, our trainer and DK member, spent 3 hours with them Saturday and I took the other 2 with me to my sister's so they spent time rally working without the distraction of us. They did just great!! Not surprised just thrilled.
We came back yesterday. Marissa was at work, Seamus walked Mickey to the car with us. Got the girls in, I kissed Seamus and Mickey, got in the car and drove. I was so sad but happy. I tear when I think of him there and not here but this is the best for everyone. He will get the 1 on 1 he deserves!
Samantha passed her CGC test last night! Next week she takes and I am sure she will pass) the Bright and Beautiful test. Dual degrees - always said she is smart!
3 was easier than 2 if you can imagine that. Charli had Mickey to play with. Samantha is not very happy with Charil. I hope that as Charli gets older that will change. I have had to interfere with Samantha 'playing' with Charli since we got home. Samantha is showing who is boss which is no problem but she gets really rough. Not aggressive but certainly not sweet. I am keeping a close eye on them when they 'play'. I hope that Samantha will accept her like she did Mickey. They are such 2 different puppies in personality. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

October 13, 2009
Mickey was our first Foster. He was surrendered to Pike County Shelter from Almost Heaven Puppy Mill. He was 4 1/2 months old when I picked him up on July 2nd. He was 7 lbs underweight and so sick with mange, ear infection and kennel cough. This is Mickey when he came home and pictures from this weekend - 3 months later!! Talk about a make over - see what lots of love, food and a wonderful home can do for a Doodle? Makes you just want to cry.
Dana & Mac and Debbie & Mya, who knew him from day 1 with us saw him again this weekend for the 1st time since he went to live with Marissa and Seamus in August. They truly didn't recognize him at first!!

Another Happy Tails from The DRC!

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Doodle Walking Group - March 8, 2012 - Colonial Dog Park, Somerset NJ

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Dewey Beach Romp 2011

3 Puppy Mill Doodles had a blast! Mickey (the chocolate with the curly tail) who is still so shy with dogs and humans, had the best time. He went into the ocean, even ran a short time in a game of chase. If you never met Mickey, you don't truly understand just how 'big' this is for him!!

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OMD!! how fantastic is this design??? It ends TOMORROW!!!!!

They can be shipped to Canada and Internationally!!

Tee shirts and hoodies!!!

Only 61 ordered  Looks like we are not going to meet the minimum HUGE POOP!! So sad those 61, including me, will not be getting this…


OMD!! If you need this you don't need a doodle!! What will they think of next?!?!?!?

Posted on October 26, 2012 at 12:47pm 2 Comments

I saw this on Anderson Live and had to share the stupidity of some people. Poor dogs!!  

Happy Birthday Jeannine!!

Posted on April 9, 2012 at 11:33am 6 Comments

We love you Aunt Neenie!!!
Hope your day is filled with lots of Doodle hugs and kisses!

It's Final - Marty aka Sonny is Offically a member of our pack!

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My sister has been looking for a doodle and I have been helping in the search. I saw a post on PF a couple of days ago for a schnoodle that…


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It was 2 years ago tonight that Dublin stepped between…


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Today Samantha is 4!!! We brought her home when she was 11 weeks old. …


Meet Alfie!

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Alfie was dumped at the shelter 3 weeks ago because his former family didn't train their 5 year old not to pull his ears. When Alfie growled to tell the kid that pulling his ears hurt, they dumped…


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Meet Lola!

She was dumped at a kill shelter in Pittsburgh. Kyoko has a friend who works at the shelter…


Calling all Jersey (and near Jersey) Doodles

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This Sunday is supposed to be 80 degrees. We are going to Ocean Grove beach - romp and then lunch. Anyone want to meet us?

Happy Birthday Tracy Farmer!!!

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Adrianne, can you contact Ali W ( she is potentially interested in fostering, but has some questions that I couldn't answer for her.  thanks!

At 8:08pm on March 19, 2012, Brittany, Wilson & Chloe said…
I filled a foster application out a few days ago. I'm excited to be part of this!
At 3:00pm on February 13, 2012, Angela Peck said…

Hi there, I submitted my foster application a couple weeks ago but haven't heard anything back. Just wanted to see if i'm still being considered for fostering or not?

Angela Peck

At 6:59am on February 3, 2012, Meredith said…
Yes I was class of 97.  I know Stephanie thru her friend Jenna C.
At 6:56am on February 3, 2012, Meredith said…
Hi.  Yes I was class of 97.  I know Stephanie thru her good friend Jenna C.
At 9:26pm on February 2, 2012, Jenn said…
Thank you. I didn't realize she was so far away. I'll keep my eyes out. Im looking for female because I already have male doodle. I'm a bit worried about putting 2 males together otherwise I would apply for Casey!
At 12:18pm on January 31, 2012, Shannon Petrovich said…

hi Adrianne, i would like to foster and i'll get the app to you soon.  thanks! shannon


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