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Posted on April 26, 2014 at 10:00am 5 Comments

Meet Scout - a 1 1/2 year old 25 pound scrumptiously black doodle. Who could resist this face?

Yesterday we transported this darling girl between foster homes.  She has the most beautiful and expressive face and those eyes - would melt concrete. …





 GORDIE (honorary doodle):JUNIOR (OUR GRAND DOG):



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Profile Information

Where are you located?
Riverside, California
Tell us about yourself and how we might help you:
My husband and I are retired elementary school teachers in Southern Ca. We have 3 grown children and one darling grandchild.
Tell us about your dog(s) and/or other pets that you have:
Our doodles were born on Saint Patrick's Day, 2008. One is a small medium apricot Australian Labradoodle that we named Ned, and the other is an apricot/cream doodle named Clancy. Gordie, our Springer Spaniel, is a sweet soul who just doesn't know how to assert any authority.
If you are looking to adopt a doodle, why have you chosen this mix?
We had two dogs and weren't looking for another, but we met a small Labradoodle when we were camping and fell in love. We immediately went on the internet and learned as much as we could about doodles and ended up with a smaller sized Australian Labradoodle that we picked because he just charmed us with his personality and antics.
Clancydoodle had been rescued from a kill shelter by our local pet adoption center. Ned and I met Clancy at their fund raiser and I was in love again. The rest is history.
Have you read our adoption policies?
Are you aware that many doodles are not allergy friendly and that many of them do shed?
Are you aware that we do not adopt to homes with children under 10, and that we do not adopt dogs for service work?
Are you now involved in Rescue? If so, how?
I would like to help. I think I could help with clerical or telephone tasks, and my husband and I could transport.

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At 11:28pm on July 24, 2014, Erin Dwyer said…

Yes, Nancy, Ned & Clancy, I have offered to transport and foster. I filled out a background form but do not know if it went through or if there is anything else you needed on my end. Thank you! Erin Dwyer

At 8:59am on July 24, 2014, Paula Hershey said…

Thanks Nancy, Ned and Clancy, you are all beautiful!  I know the right doodle will come my way when the time is right!

At 2:13pm on July 23, 2014, Ginger Essick said…

Hi!    Here is the correct link to the Craigslist ad:       Please note:  this is a different ad then the one from the other day.    I tried to send you that ad but at the time I only had your "do not reply" email!!!  Sorry!      YES, I have read all your policies, info, etc., and can't wait to get an app to you this evening.  Wanted input from my husband and our 29 year old son as they are as excited as I am to start the journey of looking for a Doodle.        

At 9:10pm on July 18, 2014, Cathryn D Winterfield said…
Thank I recognize that rock in the sweet picture ? As in Oregon? We have a cabin in Zigzag
At 1:53pm on July 18, 2014, Gwyndolyn Morasko said…

Hi Nancy!!!! (and Ned and Clancy of course!)  Good to see a friendly face

At 12:57pm on July 18, 2014, Dana Chancellor said…

Thanks so much for the nice message.  I have filled out an application and hope to one day be able to adopt a sweet rescue that needs a loving family...


At 3:21am on July 17, 2014, Roxanne said…

Hi Nancy,

I posted pictures of Lucky so you can see what he looks like. There is no way he's part Rottweiler and I wonder myself how they choose to classify the dogs as certain breeds. Some are almost comical and completely way off. Thank you for all the links and information. It's much appreciated. 



At 12:55am on July 16, 2014, Erin Dwyer said…
Thanks for the warm welcome! Just let me know if I can ever help transport from a shelter to St. Louis area or foster. I have a big, fenced backyard.
At 4:28am on July 10, 2014, Molly Mitten said…
Hi Nancy and your sweet dogs,
Thank you for the kind comment. I just figured out how to reply-(I'm fairly dog savvy, computer savvy, not so much :)! You are wealth of information, thanks for your suggestions. We have already applied to adopt,(along with perhaps 100 other lovely families,)sweet Ellie from CO. We won't give up hope until they write and say we are out of the running. They do tell you right away if she is going to someone else, right? I can't keep checking my e-mail 5 times a day indefinitely:)
We have gotten inspired watching sighted dogs guide blind dogs through agility courses (at record speed!)-and are planning to take Beasley and
possibly Ellie or another rescue pup to a class called "Agilifun" at our favorite doggie school, Positive Approach. What fun, a great bonding experience, and what a gift it could be to our Beasley when the inevitable happens. So...while we wait, I'm building a diy agility course on our property-ha, okay I'm attempting!
At 1:11pm on July 9, 2014, Doug Baldwin said…

I'm replying to your questions on my form. Yes, I have allergies, but in addition, I'm hoping for a non-shedder to help keep my house clean. I recognize that often "dander" is the source of allergens, not the hair itself. A low-shedder would also be tolerable.

I grew up with toy poodles, so I'm aware of the regular hair clipping maintenance required. I have not, however, had a dog as an adult, so it does not look like I would qualify to adopt a pet.

I fenced in my back yard last summer in anticipation of getting a dog over the next year. I'm not in a hurry. I'd rather have the right dog over a quick one. I do NOT have a doggy-door.

If you think my application may still find favor, let me know, and I'll go ahead and fill one out.

At 7:38pm on July 8, 2014, Constance snow said…
Thanks. Will do.
At 2:28pm on July 8, 2014, Constance snow said…
Thanks for your prompt reply. I filled out an application this afternoon and hope to meet Boden, currently fostered in Richmond VA, according to his listing. We live about an hour away in Essex County, VA. Very attracted to his photos and description. Seems like a great match for us.
At 8:54pm on July 7, 2014, Angela Sagona said…

Thank you for the links.  I'll explore them tomorrow.  I filled out the application this afternoon and although there may not be a dog available right now, I'm sure one will come up soon.  Thanks for your help.

Angela Sagona

At 5:47pm on July 6, 2014, William Bennett said…
Our kids are only 7 I don't think we will qualify to adopt with you for a few years. We will have to keep an eye out at our local shelters. In your opinion, does it help to speak to them directly if we are interested in a specific size or breed?
At 10:34pm on July 5, 2014, Heather Cotton said…
Hi, thank you for the information. I have read through the DRC adoption policies and filled out an application earlier today. We live approximately 15 miles from Asheville NC and would be very interested in Memphis if she hasn't already found a "furever" home. Thank you again for all the great info! I am also open to volunteering as needed to transport and pull from shelters within a 100 mile radius.
At 1:13pm on July 1, 2014, James Coop said…

Thanks for the welcome information.  Although most of the animals are some distance from us, we're open for helping in anyway within reason.  (Including traveling - we have a travel trailer, so it would be a great excuse to go camping!  Hadassah enjoys travel and camping, too!)

We're in Southwest Michigan (Holland/Grand Rapids) and our home is filled with the joy our 7 year old Labradoodle brings to our life - "Hadassah"!

Hadassah was the runt of her litter, and last to find a new family.  She adopted us when she was a puppy in 2007.  She loves the woods and playtime, running in fields, adores children, playing "chase me/chase you" with other dogs, and especially loves cuddle time at the end of the day.  She is intuitive and highly intelligent, with an abundance of puppy still in her personality.

She is wonderful with other furry family members, including cats.  Her nurturing and gentle disposition was evident as she played "nanny" to a couple litters of kittens from a feral cat we tried to domesticate.  However, she is the only furry family member in the house for now.  So, we are looking to find another playful (probably younger male) doodle as a permanent companion for her. We will definitely fill out the application and make our home available.

We are very familiar with the disposition and personality, and the time necessary to dedicate for the physical and emotional care of Labradoodles.  It's definitely a lifetime commitment.  It's a lifestyle!

I am retired, with plenty of time and administrative abilities I am willing to offer to such a worthy cause.  We look forward to networking with the Rescue!

We are also interested in any possible Doodle Rescue work in our area.  In browsing the site, I see there might be some need for network and organizing here.

At 8:40pm on June 30, 2014, Rebecca curry said…
Thanks for your comment! I am a past volunteer for a golden rescue in Atlanta so I get why you have policies in place. Our goal is to find our angel Coosa a companion we know several families with doodles In our neighborhood that all have kiddos around our ages however they got them as puppies. I totally get that this is different we are just trying to avoid a breeder this time and want to rescue a pet. That is very important to us. I saw so many great goldens in Atlanta that needed and found great homes! We will continue the search!
At 8:45pm on June 21, 2014, Nicole Gould said…

Thanks! He's my boy and I wouldn't trade him. I will check out doodlekisses.

At 3:55pm on June 13, 2014, Cheryl Marino said…

Thank you so much for the info! It's much appreciated. Will fill out the application tonight.

At 4:05pm on June 12, 2014, Bill Lupis said…

Thank you. Nancy, Ned and Clancy,

  I completed an application, contacted our vet to allow any records of our animal care to be immediately released,  additionally a referral letter was sent by Helen Evers, very involved with numerous pet adoption agencies and started the Cat Ferrell program at Orange Coast College.  I've not heard since acknowledgement of the referral letter sent.  

I am fortunate enough to live on the Nature Preserve, played King of the Hill with Bailey each morning and afternoon.  Bailey was well know for his spirit of excitement and his ability to climb the backside of the Upper Newport Nature Preserve berm every day.  People would honk, stop to talk and learn more about the Labradoodle breed and how he climbed the berm each day with so much joy and excitement. 

Bailey was an accident one of 12 pups. The owners of the Labrador and Standard Poodle did not intend to have a litter at all yet alone 12. My sister took me over to view on Christmas Day.  We did not take Bailey because it was a trendy breed, he was a pet that needed care guidance, play time and the same unconditional love he always shared.  He is missed by all who met him.  His short life span taught several that observed what a fun, gentle, excitable, cautious dog is all about.  

I am hopeful to be considered a candidate to adopt Scout.  She has the exact face of Bailey, although 60 pounds smaller, a female rather than a male. Her eyes show a  need for joy, fun and good companions.  It is nice to see several candidates are wanting to be considered a candidate for her adoption.  


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