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Posted on April 26, 2014 at 10:00am 4 Comments

Meet Scout - a 1 1/2 year old 25 pound scrumptiously black doodle. Who could resist this face?

Yesterday we transported this darling girl between foster homes.  She has the most beautiful and expressive face and those eyes - would melt concrete. …





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Profile Information

Where are you located?
Riverside, California
Tell us about yourself and how we might help you:
My husband and I are retired elementary school teachers in Southern California. We are empty nesters but lucky enough to have grandchildren that we see often.
Tell us about your dog(s) and/or other pets that you have:
Our doodles were born on Saint Patrick's Day, 2008. One is a small medium apricot Australian Labradoodle that we named Ned, and the other is an apricot/cream doodle named Clancy.
If you are looking to adopt a doodle, why have you chosen this mix?
We had two dogs and weren't looking for another, but we met a small Labradoodle when we were camping and fell in love. We immediately went on the internet and learned as much as we could about doodles and ended up with a smaller sized Australian Labradoodle that we picked because he just charmed us with his personality and antics.
Clancydoodle had been rescued from a kill shelter. Ned and I met him at their fund raiser and I was in love again. The rest is history.
Have you read our adoption policies?
Are you aware that many doodles are not allergy friendly and that many of them do shed?
Are you aware that we do not adopt to homes with children under 10, and that we do not adopt dogs for service work?
Are you now involved in Rescue? If so, how? Are you interested in volunteering with our rescue?
I could help with clerical or telephone tasks, and my husband and I could transport.

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At 2:25pm on October 10, 2015, Sara said…
Hi, I sent in an application for your review about a half hour ago.thank you!
At 7:03pm on October 8, 2015, Mona Barfels said…

Thank you for all the information which I will read and complete!  Mona

At 6:48am on October 7, 2015, Kitsey Canaan said…

Thanks, yes I am aware of all of the above. 

At 11:31pm on October 5, 2015, Deborah Harsh said…

concerning Otis from Deborah harsh

oh oh may, I am a little blind, i thought it was WA not VA. I surly like that Otis, but it is way to far to come in person. Especially as I usually drive on country roads.
so sorry,
If there is a way to ship him we would drive to Seattle or Spokane.
thank you for noticing my over sight.

At 9:21am on October 5, 2015, Carole Simms said…
It may have sounded like I only wanted a new daughter doodle (Goldendoodle or Labradoodle) just for Tucker. That's not the case.The Pyrs are Gentle Giants & watch me play for hours on end with Tuck.its just when he approaches them for play,he is rejected &it makes me extremely sad. If we had a little girl to come te our family, at the most the Pyrs would sniff &walk away. It is Tucker who is the alpha dog & has been since he came into our house it seems, who initiates all activity & then just gives up & comes & cuddles with me. When I say I have to watch them, it is because I don't want t Tucker to bother them. Tucker has been through Good Citizens Class I & Ii, but was a Day Care reject. His trainer said he wasn't surprised as Tucker is unsure of himself around other dogs. He needs a playmate.
At 10:13pm on October 4, 2015, Carole Simms said…
My Pyrs ignore Tucker, are not agressive to him, but reject his constant tries to get their attention. He pulls their tails, nurses their ears, locks their tummies, yet they don't run around the yard with him, or show any signs of playful affection to him.He is able to play with my son's female Goldendoodle once In a while, so I know what fun & happiness he has when he is truly liked & accepted for a playmate.
At 1:07pm on October 3, 2015, Cindy said…
I don't think I can post Sweet Rip pics anymore, but if I could list him as a referral, I certainly would! Lol...
At 7:17am on October 3, 2015, Cindy said…
Nancy, thank you for the welcome information and what you do here. I will be trying to figure out this site (kind of looks like doodlekisses!) and reading those articles. Best,
At 1:40pm on October 1, 2015, Alison said…

Hi Nancy, Ned, and Clancy,

I appreciate your prompt return message regarding my labradoodle Zia.  I got a phone call yesterday from a volunteer essentially stating the same thing, i.e. that 'rehoming' a large, senior, shedding doodle was unlikely.  I have already followed your suggestions, months ago, regarding hiring local people to assist with her walks, and keeping her company.  It essentially meant bringing more strangers into her life and asking her to adapt, once again, to new locations.  This really isn't in her best interests.  She needs a steady, reliable home.

Because I see few listings for doodles in the Southwest, and because I see that a senior doodle has indeed just been adopted, I'd like to see what happens if we list her.  Please.  I know you're busy, but I appreciate your help.  And so will she.

At 7:58pm on September 29, 2015, Myra howard said…
I need help finding adoptable doodles. I'm having a great deal of trouble navigating.
At 6:20pm on September 29, 2015, Alison said…
I'm a bit confused about how this works. I signed my dog Zia up for adoption last week and, while I learned that I'm now a member, I haven't seen her photos listed as an adoptable doodle yet. Am I supposed to send her medical records first? The form I read asked for my permission to let her records be transferred, but didn't say that I'm supposed to do it myself. I've filled out all the forms I was asked to, one of them more than once.
Is this all run by volunteers? What can I expect to happen next? It was a terribly difficult decision to give Zia up to another home, but now that I've made the decision I'd like to move forward.
I look forward to hearing back from someone soon. Thanks.
At 1:24pm on September 14, 2015, Alanna Wargula said…

thank you very much for the great info!  this is a great website!  i have been looking at local shelters and multi-bread websites/rescues for a while before i found you.


At 4:41pm on September 6, 2015, Jenn said…
I really, really hope my application made it to you. I spent almost 2 hours filling it out and I got a weird error message right when I submitted it. Praying you'll let me know it was received, if not I'll go at it again ;-)

At 2:22pm on September 6, 2015, Jenn said…

I am sorry if my comment lead you to believe that. There are times my brain and fingers are doing completely different things. I won’t have to worry about kids, as I don’t have any and it’s not like I will be having any 2 legged kiddos, just 4 legged fur balls. I will be sending my application in and I am going to let my family in IA know about the dogs as well. They have been doodle lovers for as long as I can remember. In fact they are who told me about them. Anyway, enough babbling and I will get on filling out that application.

At 1:22pm on September 6, 2015, Jenn said…

Do you know of any doodle rescues in southern California? I have several friends with them and fostered one for a short time and absolutely love them. As I said, they don't have to be allergy or shed free, but it would be a perk! Thank you!

At 10:58am on September 2, 2015, Kathleen M. Francois said…

Thank you for all the information! So, are there only 6 doodles available for adoption at this point in time? What options do I have for finding one close to the NE area? MD is a bit far to drive. How often do you add to the list generally?

At 1:37pm on August 21, 2015, Crystal said…

Thank you for all that information, Nancy and Ned.  I very much appreciate it!  I am versed in my friend's situation, so I will continue to encourage her to seek a rescue as opposed to a breeder.  Given the state of dogs and cats in rescues and shelters and the 6-8 million dogs and cats killed annually in the US due to overpopulation, I advocate for rescuing and adoption over purchasing from a breeder.  I believe my friend has completed an application with DRC, so her first step is done!  I have a lot of alerts setup and some of the rescue folks I have worked with over the years are also keeping their eyes open for me.  I am grateful for the resources on the DRC website, though.  It is very, very helpful stuff!  Thank you so much!  :)

At 4:35pm on August 19, 2015, Michael said…

Thank you for the links. Am still interested in if you might know of a younger/puppy that needs a good home in or near San Diego County? Thanks

At 9:27pm on August 18, 2015, Terri Allen said…
Thank you for the welcome to the group.
At 8:06pm on August 3, 2015, Joann said…

Hi Nancy, Ned and Clancy,

Today we completed our 2nd DRC application, the first being 5+ years ago when we were blessed to receive Cosmo (formerly known as Dooley).  We are hopeful that we'll soon receive news that we've been matched with another doodle who we can fall in love with.  

Thank you for the work that you do.  


Joann & Robert


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