Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie
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Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie's Blog

Southern California's CeCe

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 7:35pm 4 Comments

CeCe is a 66 pound labradoodle located in Southern California, who is looking for a new family to adopt.  This  5 year old princess is really a Daddy's girl who enjoys playing…


Southern California's Sneak Peek at CeCe

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 1:00pm 9 Comments

CeCe is a very sweet 4-year-old, 66-pound labradoodle who needs a new home because her owner accepted an overseas job to a country where rental housing is not animal-friendly. He is devastated, but did the right thing by contacting the DRC to…


Meet Jules, an adorable puppy, in Southern California- ADOPTED!

Posted on October 27, 2015 at 10:30pm 6 Comments

Meet Jules, a 25 pound pup, found at a Riverside Shelter.  Picked up as a stray and not claimed, he came the the DRC's attention.  At first he was fearful and intimidated by the shelter environment, but seems to have rebounded with lots of puppy…



Posted on April 26, 2014 at 10:00am 4 Comments

Meet Scout - a 1 1/2 year old 25 pound scrumptiously black doodle. Who could resist this face?…


Small Package, Big Heart

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 1:10am 4 Comments

Meet Shelby, rescued today in San Bernardino.  This young adult  mini was picked up as a stray. She is being fostered in Orange County and will be available for adoption soon.   Here is her jail mug shot:…



Posted on April 6, 2014 at 9:45pm 3 Comments



******** HELLO THERE *********




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Profile Information

Where are you located?
Riverside, California
Tell us about yourself and how we might help you:
My husband and I are retired elementary school teachers in Southern California. We enjoy being empty nesters, but lucky enough to have our children and grandchildren living near enough that we see them often.
Tell us about your dog(s) and/or other pets that you have:
Our cream, apricot doodles were born on Saint Patrick's Day, 2008. One is a large mini apricot Australian Labradoodle that we named Ned, and the other is a medium apricot/cream doodle named Clancy. Our youngest doodle, Charlie, is our chocolate/white parti boy. He was born in November of 2012.
If you are looking to adopt a doodle, why have you chosen this mix?
We had two dogs and weren't looking for another, but we met a small Labradoodle when we were camping and fell in love. We immediately went on the internet and learned as much as we could about doodles and ended up with a smaller sized Australian Labradoodle that we picked because he just charmed us with his personality and antics.
Clancy had been rescued from a kill shelter where he was labeled dog-aggressive.I am so grateful that someone recognized that Clancy was afraid, not aggressive. Ned and I met him at a shelter fund raiser where he was being nicely walked (this so called aggressive boy) around a a bunch of kids and other dogs), and I was in love again.
Charlie is our youngest boy. He was a re-home through the DRC. He had been in two homes where no one fell in love with Mr. Wonderful or appreciated his cheerful, exuberant personality. He is a sweetheart who needed the right furever family and that is ours! We are so lucky to have our 3 boys.
Have you read our adoption policies?
Are you aware that many doodles are not allergy friendly and that many of them do shed?
Are you aware that we do not adopt to homes with children under 10, and that we do not adopt dogs for service work?
Are you now involved in Rescue? If so, how? Are you interested in volunteering with our rescue?
I could help with clerical or telephone tasks, and my husband and I could transport.

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At 4:19pm on February 13, 2017, Angela Sokolove said…

Thank you so much for your posting. This is very helpful information, which I will forward to our kids.

At 1:07am on February 12, 2017, Cassie said…

Thank you so much for responses and all the valuable information. I just spent almost 2 hours filling out an application...when I went to hit the submist button, it all disappeared and went to your puppies page.  I am sure it was my fault, but have now spent about 20-30 mins just going back and forth and to all pages to find it but suppose it was a file that cant be retrieved!  Darn it...I do want to complete the process and will at my next 2 hour chance but please do know of my solid honest interest.  Rescues are the only way!!:)

At 5:53am on February 9, 2017, Dwight B. Tobin said…

Hello, and thanks for the links. Yes, I had read most before, and am fairly well informed. At first I was completely against any Doodle, as I felt they were being bred to be fashionable, and not in the best interests of the dogs, and being bred purely to take advantage of economics. Having been owned by multiple Standard Poodles, I saw what happened when they had a sudden rise in popularity. Within moths we were surrounded with Standards with multiple health issues. We did manage to shut down a breeder in Upstate NY, who knowingly bred dogs with epilepsy !

Unfortunately, so many people followed the "trend" and did not realize that a puppy is a lifetime commitment, for better of worse, not a fashion statement!

By the way, did you know that the wonderful "pastoral" Amish are some of the worst offenders? Puppy Mill HELL. They breed like a crop, and the animals live in horrible conditions.

Since I have no children, my legacy will be to rescue the sick and abandoned. Last April I was financially fortunate enough to be able to save my 14 y/o Standard rescue. When he was discharged from the hospital I saw people in the waiting room having to make the choice of euthanasia because they could not afford the care. I always rescued the unwanted, and this touched me so deeply that I decided to dedicate my remaining years to help those in need, both canine and human.

At 7:10pm on January 14, 2017, Maureen Groff said…

I do not have a fully fenced yard.  I currently have a 4 year old Golden Doodle and this has not been a problem.  We have a dog park within walking distance and our dog walks without a lead in rural areas.  We play ball with her in our yard as we live on a quiet street, especially in the summer.  I was interested in Goldie also but the fence issue seems to big a problem.  Truthfully I don't believe a dog should be left in the yard.  Our dog is with us at all times when we are home.  If the fence is an issue, then I think an application is a mute point.  We also have a large screened lanai with a pool where we also play ball.

At 6:50pm on January 14, 2017, Maureen Groff said…

Thanks for the quick feedback.  I have not seen Scotty (Fla.)  Where do I go to see him?  Maureen Groff

At 1:22pm on January 7, 2017, Chuck Holliman said…


It has been almost three years since we last had contact; we were in the process of adopting Cooper at that time.  After adopting Cooper, I kept a low profile, did not go back on Doodle kisses, as Cooper's previous owner had hinted that he might try to take him back.  Thank goodness nothing developed with him.  He was totally uncooperative in trying to get Cooper's health records, etc. would not even give us his age.  Then two years ago I developed a significant health problem which has consumed a lot of my time, not allowing for me to post about Cooper.  Fortunately, I have access to good medical care and my issues have finally ben stabilized.

Cooper will be with us three years on the 25th of this month.  It took him six months to get completely comfortable with us, and even longer to get over some of his fears.  Even now something will bring back a past memory and he goes into a few hours of insecurity.  He is a wonderful dog and such a loyal companion for us; especially for me with my medical issues, he is always right there for me.  The timing of his "finding" us was perfect as we were still struggling over the loss of Rusty; it was like Rusty sent Cooper to us to start a new chapter in our lives.

When were discussing adopting him we were told that he was 5 or 6 years old; when we received Cooper from the person who intervened with his owner, she had a rabies tag that indicated that he was born before 2007.  He is now showing signs of aging and beginning to slow down; he has a lot of arthritis issues and we have him on daily medication along with monthly adequan injections.  Our walks are shorter and slower, but he is still a very happy dog and enjoys seeing his "doggie" friends when we are out.  Hopefully, we still have some quality time left with him.

The reason for my note, rather long, is that we have a friend, Toni Blaire (she has registered with the collective) who is like a 2nd mother for Cooper; she walks with us daily, takes care of him when we travel and during my surgeries.  She lost her dog to cancer a few years ago and is now ready for another dog; she loves Cooper so much that she wants a "Doodle".  I told her that I would put in a good word for her as she would be a wonderful mother to a rescue.  She has been watching the listings on the website, but I told her that most dogs are adopted before they are listed.  If you can help her connect with a Doodle in the SoCal area, I will be very appreciative.

Chuck Holliman 

At 1:21pm on January 6, 2017, alicia steinberg said…

Oh, my gosh! When I wrote the last comment below at 12:50pm, I did not know that I had received another e-mail stating that my application had gone through. LOL!  Thanks so much. I am soooo  happy. 

At 12:50pm on January 6, 2017, alicia steinberg said…

Thanks for your prompt response. I am new at this and still learning how your doodle rescue works. I am anxiously waiting to hear if my application went through and so happy that I found this site.

At 11:37am on January 2, 2017, BARBARA SCHICK said…

thanks ..i have already filled out the application..did it go thru..we live in sherman oaks, california and certainly taking our time in adopting the right dog for our certainly is lonely without our sweet wheaten..he really was the best, only new how to give love..thanks for this wonderful site

At 12:33pm on January 1, 2017, Brian Ivory said…

Thank you for the additional information. We have purchased books on four breeds: Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle and Portuguese Water Dogs. We have learned much about the "no guarantee" regarding allergies and which type of coat might be the best bet. We have also learned that you cannot tell what kind of coat a dog will have until well after they are through the puppy stage. Thanks again, Brian 

At 4:04pm on December 29, 2016, Sharon Moen said…
Sorry info
At 4:02pm on December 29, 2016, Sharon Moen said…
I have already filled out the application for adoption and have read the other two NGOs on Doodles so I'm not sure what you are telling me in the email?
At 11:46pm on December 26, 2016, Lauren Thigpen said…

Thank you for the quick reply.  I know it is not a guarantee with mixed breeds as to how the coat may affect the allergies.  I watch 2 different doodles and one is much more poodle and huge and there are never issues and I have one that I watch that sheds like crazy.  I will look at the links you sent to me.  We have had dogs since 1992, and myself growing up.  So that would not be an issue and we are totally fenced in all 7 acres. Thanks again. Happy Holidays

At 11:36am on December 14, 2016, Jodie Jones said…

I read all the information .. thanks !

At 8:21pm on December 6, 2016, Stephanie said…
Thank you for all the info! We have an appointment to get our yard fenced on January 6 of next year, so once that is done I can complete the application to hopefully qualify for these precious fur babies! Thanks again, talk to you soon!
At 1:06pm on December 1, 2016, Lyn Glover said…

Thanx so much for the warm welcome and all the useful links.

Your doods are adorable!

I actually already have an 8 year old Goldendoodle that I've had since he was 8 weeks old.  He's now a Certified Therapy Dog and is loving his work and his life at home with 3 cats.

I'm starting to think about adding another dood to our family and thought I'd go the rescue route, if possible.

Looking forward to seeing all the great dogs on your site.

At 11:03pm on November 24, 2016, Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie said…
Christmas 2017
At 9:12pm on November 17, 2016, Gail Chadbourne said…

I'm already in touch with jackie and brigett out my way. We are transferring an owner surrender to you as we speak.


At 8:37pm on November 15, 2016, Kate Friedl said…
Hi! Thank you! I filled out the foster form and am looking forward to hearing back!
At 3:47pm on October 26, 2016, Blair Stephens said…

Appreciate the info...

We have deiced to shop for a doodle, in hopes of finding one that works for us, our wants and needs.

We both have been dog owners for most of our lives (we are 50).

I will work on an application.  However, there isn't a specific dog avail that we want to adopt.


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