Alfie was dumped at the shelter 3 weeks ago because his former family didn't train their 5 year old not to pull his ears. When Alfie growled to tell the kid that pulling his ears hurt, they dumped him.

Alfie is just adorable! He is white not blonde with a huge black doodle nose!  He is sweet boy with a huge heart!!  He is shedding now but that could be from stress being dumped by his family, being in the shelter and the food he was eating. He will probably wind up being a light shedder but only time will tell. He does loved to be combed. 

He is supposedly a year old but I am thinking he might be younger. His molars are through but very still very short.  He is app 27" or so at the shoulder, thin but not skinny. Auntie A will fatten him up.

Alfie is potty trained and sits when asked but has no clue how to walk on a leash. He comes running when I call him or whistle for him.  I will be working on some of the basics - he knows sit but has no clue not to bound through the door or walk on a leash - trust me he will learn!

It is obvious to me he was taken away from his mom and littermates too early; he seems not to have learned doggie language but I believe he is a quick learner and my Samantha is a great teacher. He wants to play (his play bow is so darned adorable with his doodle butt wiggling) but his play is too rough. Samantha tries to correct him with an air snap but he doesn't understand what she is telling him. Charli and Alfie had a short game of chase but when she stopped Alfie didn't. When he gets excited he needs a human to remind him to relax.

He is not food aggressive - we snuggled while he he had a cookie in his mouth. He thinks it is his job to check out what is on the counters but we are working on that too. A loud 'no' seems to work.

I tried putting him in a crate so I could have dinner without having to keep an eye on him but he was just terrified of the crate. The one I have is the size for a St. Bernard, literally. I cannot imagine what happened to him in the past but I will not put him through that again so the crate will be put away. I guess Alfie and I will be sleeping in the den tonight. Our bedroom is the girls domain and until I can be sure sleeps through the night this is the best solution because of his issue with the crate.

Tomorrow we start working on walking nicely on a leash. Samantha graciously offered for him to borrow her Gentle Lead harness to start his doodle education - WOL!

Alfie is a fantastic doodle boy! He gives kisses but not sloppy ones and when he comes running towards you his smile is just huge!  He is going to be an incredible additional to a family. This new family must take Alfie to school to let him become the doodle he is meant to be!

Alfie will definitely need a fenced yard to run in - he loves to run!

In this picture Alfie looks sad - he isn't, he is just exhausted. It took him 6 hours to relax enough to sit down and when he did, he got so sleepy and passed out.

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Comment by Kim and the doodle boys on December 15, 2011 at 7:19am

Yeah Alfie!  It's nice he slept well on your bed - the real question is, how did you sleep with him on your bed in the cone?"  lol

Comment by Grace Ketterer on December 15, 2011 at 7:14am

Alfie has been neutered, has had all his shots and is ready to find his new forever family!  He has calmed down a lot, but he still will need training for counter surfing and jumping on guests!  I haven't tried a crate yet, but her really has been a good boy as long as the humans are traind to put things away.  He slept on our bed again last night with his Elizabethan collar, but he still slept well!

Comment by Grace Ketterer on December 12, 2011 at 5:31pm

Day two with Alfie.  He really is a sweetie, but a real puppy. The first morning I turned around and he was standing on the kitchen table.  He just used the chairs as steps.  We left him and when we got home he had the jar of peanut butter in his mouth and a loaf of italian bread next to him, but he didn't eat either one.  I think he is just a compulsive thief.  He also removed my pajamas from my dresser and ran around the house with them, but didn't chew them up.  He likes a little plain yogurt on his kibble.   He is walking great on the leash,  He knows sit, down, and give paw, but not too good at stay just yet.  We have been keeping him in our yard until he has all his shots and is neutered.  That will be done this week.  He loves us already.  He slept like a baby between us on our king sized bed. Totally potty trained.  He is so tall that the kitchen counters are right in his line of sight, so I am afraid that he will be surfing for a very long time unless someone is with him every moment.  He already found our front window, and learned how to open the blinds so he could see out.  He is very smart and curious.  He really will need a doodle proof home.   I can't wait to see how he likes the Christmas Tree.   He has tried to climb the pine tree in our yard. I don't think he knows he can't fly.  

Comment by Jaime Gonzalez on December 12, 2011 at 5:03pm

Alfie sounds just like our Sam that we lost in August. One day I was getting ready to grill a couple of pounds of boneless thighs and breasts. I seasoned them left on top of the stovetop and went out to light the grill. I looked through the kitchen window and saw this big white dog standing at the stove, I ran in only to fine 2 thighs remaining on the plate! And for desert he had a bunch of bananas, needless to say we learned very quickly to put all food up and away from anywhere he could reach. We are quite familiar with this problem and can deal with a doddle so inclined.  Can’t wait until is up for adoption, we would very much like to adopt him!  Our house is doodle resistant, because you never prevent 100% of all doodle antics! :)

Comment by Adrianne Matzkin on December 12, 2011 at 12:57am

TY Grace for taking him!!!! He is such a sweetie and deserved to be the center of attention and someone who has the time to work with him and that I just could not give him.

Alfie, sadly, was pulled away from his mom and littermates much too early. He missed out on the most important time for dog socialization and the lessons his mom and siblings could teach him. He just has no clue and it is heartbreaking. He and Charli loved to play but he gets too excited and his does, he gets too rough. I would separate them and Charli kept coming back to play more. He is such an incredibly sweet guy!

He does need a home that will work with a trainer on a few things - he is a counter surfer. I don't have that with my girls so I forgot a few times - lost a $12.00 piece of cheese I bought for Thanksgiving that we didn't eat. Alfie loved it! He also ate a 1/4 lb of hot sopressata - you would think that would have cured that but it didn't. I did learn to put food away immediately which isn't a terrible thing.

He loves to snuggle to sleep. My girls had no problem sharing our bed with him which says tons about Alfie's soul.

He loves to run so a family that bikes or runs would be perfect for him.

Comment by Grace Ketterer on December 11, 2011 at 8:58pm

Alfie has revived. He is with us now for a while until he is vetted and ready to go.  As you can see, he has perked up after a good night's sleep with us.  Yes, he still needs training, but he is good boy.                                          

Comment by Andrea Johnston on December 6, 2011 at 10:08pm

Alfie is such a beautiful boy and he deserves such a good life. He's one lucky boy to be fostered by you. He'll make some family so happy. Wish I weren't at my doodle limit.

Comment by Nancy, Ned and Clancy on December 6, 2011 at 1:28am

Alfie will be a wonderful boy when he has some training (thank you Samantha and Aunt A.) and lives with a family that understands puppy behaviors.

Comment by Carol Scott on December 5, 2011 at 8:41pm

You are an angel Adrianne.....this is one lucky doodle to be with you, Mark, Charlie & Samatha! You have an amazing family with the biggest hearts I have ever known!  These rescues never will forget you!!

Comment by Karen on December 5, 2011 at 8:04pm

He is beautiful and lucky to have you to care for him for now. I have 1 dog that has seizures and she is so afraid of the crate too and has been since day one. We slept together on the floor until she learned how to behave properly. It was worht all of the work and semi sleepless nights.  She is the perfect little lady now.

Best of luck with Alfie.

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