Madonna of the Mills Schedule on HBO

Premieres 8/24 at 8pm on HBO2 East, 11pm HBO2 West
8/28 -- 130pm HBO2 East, 430pm HBO2 West
8/29 -- 11am HBO2 East, 2pm HBO2 West
9/5 -- 9am HBO2 East, Noon HBO2 West
9/10 -- 130pm HBO2 East, 430pm HBO2 West
9/16 -- 230pm HBO Signature East 530pm HBO Signature West
9/21 -- 630am HBO Signature East 930am HBO Signature West
9/23 -- 8am HBO2 East 11am HBO2 West

Will also be available on HBO On Demand

"Madonna of the Mills" focuses on the activities of Laura, a New York woman who has devoted the last several years to rescuing breeding dogs who are no longer of value to the many Amish and Mennonite puppy millers in Lancaster County, Penn.

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